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   I   am   writing
   this   blog
   for   my

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   Inside each of us is
   the ability to read.

   With reading comes
   the ability to write
   for others.
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   Reading gives us the
   opportunity to write.

   Reading and writing
   for our children is
   a special goal.

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      ~   ~   ~   ~   ~
   Use a single letter
   and write your own
   three line poem on
   a typing paper.

   Have your child
   color it and show
   it to your parents.
      ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

      ~   ~   ~   ~   ~
   Write this story on
   a piece of paper
   and read it aloud
   for your child.

   Change Penguin to
   another plant or
   animal and make it
   your own story.

   Your own creative
   piece will become
   a special memory
   between you and
   your child forever.
      ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

We have one nose.
We have two eyes.
We have two ears.

All work together.
Checking for danger.

The nose can
smell danger
but it cannot
see danger.

The eyes can
see danger
but they cannot
hear danger.

The ears can
hear danger
but they cannot
smell danger.

They asked
a question.

Who is smartest?
Who is important?

The nose said,
I can smell danger,
because of that,
I am smartest.

The eyes said,
we can see danger,
because of that,
we are important.

The ears said,
we can hear danger,
because of that,
we are smartest
and important.

They kept saying
the same thing,
over and over
and over
red rover.

We are smartest.
We are important.

The more they
said it,
the louder
they got.

Everyone was


No one was checking
for danger.

The mind heard
all the yelling,
and went to see
what happened.

As the mind
looked around,
everyone became

The mind asked,
who is smartest,
who is important?

All raised their
hands, waving
them all about.

The mind said,
I see everybody’s
hands in the air,
everyone feels
everyone feels

You can feel it,
but do not say it.

Everyone needs to
remember these
important rules.

I help the others.
Others help me.

That is the way
we want it to be.

Helping each other,
working together.

The mind looked
all around
and said.

No more yelling.

I have work to do.
You have work to do.

We all have
work to do.

Now, let us get
get back to work
and check for danger.

All agreed.

We will help
each other.

We will work together.

We must remember,
how we want to be.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      ~   ~   ~   ~   ~
   Teaching success
   skills with stories,
   builds bonds
   between our
   children and us.
      ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

      ~   ~   ~   ~   ~
   Here is another

   Read Simplicity

   Use exaggerated
   facial expressions.

   Make a video of your
   child’s reaction and
   share it with
   your parents.
      ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

F o r t y – f i f t h
A n n i v e r s a r y

after saying I do,
who on Earth knew.

we ‘ d make it last,
a 45 year blast.

a long term lease
for you and me.

sixteen thousand days
in many exciting ways.

not much went wrong,
you and I still belong.

we traveled and went
never getting too bent.

barrels of fine wine,
blending in our time.

It was never ever a bore.
Let ‘s do many many more.

” Really ? ? ? , ”
she asked

” Really ! ! ! , “
I replied

“ Check with me
after the cruise, ”
she said.

* * * Our 45th
anniversary cruise
taken in 2 0 1 7
went great.

We never got lost
and never went hungry.

anniversary ? ? ?

There were times
that I blew it.

I don’t remember
the anniversary number
of the following story.

Let me explain.

At a mystery dinner
show, a hostess came
to our table and asked,
“Are there any special
occasions being
celebrated tonight?”

Not thinking I shook
my head and said,
“Nope ~ ~ ~,
Not Here.”

Before I knew it, a
pair of eyes riding on
speeding arrows came
flying at me.

With that special look,
she firmly stated,
“Tonight is our
Anniversary ? ? ? ”

oops, oops and
ahh bigger

The lady sitting next
to her said,
“Don’t feel
bad honey.”

“I heard my husband on the
phone telling one of his
golf buddies;

“I would rather play
golf with you guys, but
today is our anniversary,
and I HAVE to spend
the day with my wife.”

“He is now my X.”

We had a quiet
ride, all the
way home.

My only
thought was;

I hope my site will encourage everyone to set aside time for reading aloud as a family activity.

I hope those reading moments will help everyone find their writing voice. The voice that everyone can use to share the stories of family life.

The gift of reading aloud will not be forgotten and will help guide everyone into a brighter future.

Building a time of reading in the present, will prepare our future, with a past filled with the memories of reading time.

A time of happiness that will be passed on to the next generation..

Create your own writing voice while practicing your reading voice.

Reading aloud will keep the invisible umbilical chord alive with the music of family.

The innermost feelings that we share, will always be attached to the circle of our family and extend to the families closest to ours.

Everything you read on this page can be used by yourself and others to share with the world.

There are no copyright restrictions and no need to request permission to use anything on this page.

I will keep copyright ownership for all other pages and writings on this site.

Take the writing on this page and translate it into another language to build a site for your family, in a language that is easy to read.

I have created a special Email address for the translation project.


Tell me what you think about my plan and offer your opinion about what you have read on my site, ~ ~ ~ The Brevity Bell . Net.