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My latest upload to ~ The Brevity Bell ~ will be after this explanation.

I like to write family stories,poems and other free verse writing.

The Brevity Bell is filled with tales to tell.

From the youngest to the most senior members of the family, each has a story to share and I will try to make them a joy to read.

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Little leaves both red and green, cover the ground for you to see.

Twisting turning in the sky, how many leaves can you spy?

Hear the whisper of winter soon coming, soon the snow will be a falling.

Say good bye to summer and spring, and let the winter fun begin.

after saying I do, who on Earth knew.

we ‘ d make it last, a 45 year blast.

a long term lease, for you and me.

sixteen thousand days, in many exciting ways.

not much went wrong, you and I still belong.

we traveled and went, never getting too bent.

barrels of fine wine, blending in our time.

It was never a bore, let ‘s do many more.

” Really ? ? ? , ” she asked

” Really ! ! ! , “ I replied

“ Check with me after the cruise, ” she said.

* * * Our 45th anniversary cruise taken in 2 0 1 7 went great. We never got lost and never got hungry.