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    I  write  for  my
    Grandchildren ‘s

   I arrange words that
   are easy to read aloud.

   Choose a letter
   and write your own
   three line poem on
   a single sheet of

   Have your child
   color it and show
   it to your parents.

   Complete the alphabet
   and put the pages in a
   scrapbook for your
   Grandchildren to read.

   Write this story
   for your child.

   Change Penguin to
   another plant or
   animal and create
   your own story.

   Your own creative
   piece will become
   a special memory
   between you and
   your child forever.

   Build a collection
   of stories that you
   have written.

We have one nose.
We have two eyes.
We have two ears.

All work together.
Checking for danger.

The nose can
smell danger
but it cannot
see danger.

The eyes can
see danger
but they cannot
hear danger.

The ears can
hear danger
but they cannot
smell danger.

They asked
a question.

Who is smartest?
Who is important?

The nose said,
I can smell danger,
because of that,
I am smartest.

The eyes said,
we can see danger,
because of that,
we are important.

The ears said,
we can hear danger,
because of that,
we are smartest
and important.

They kept saying
the same thing,
over and over
and over
red rover.

We are smartest.
We are important.

The more they
said it,
the louder
they got.

Everyone was


No one was checking
for danger.

The mind heard
all the yelling,
and went to see
what happened.

As the mind
looked around,
everyone became

The mind asked,
who is smartest,
who is important?

All raised their
hands, waving
them all about.

The mind said,
I see everybody’s
hands in the air,
everyone feels
everyone feels

You can feel it,
but do not say it.

Everyone needs to
remember these
important rules.

I help the others.
Others help me.

That is the way
we want it to be.

Helping each other,
working together.

The mind looked
all around
and said.

No more yelling.

I have work to do.
You have work to do.

We all have
work to do.

Now, let us get
get back to work
and check for danger.

All agreed.

We will help
each other.

We will work together.

We must remember,
how we want to be.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   Teaching success
   skills with stories,
   helps our children
   gently learn life

   Use exaggerated
   facial expressions.
   as you read this.

   Make a video of your
   child’s reaction and
   share it with your

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I have fond memories of
reading with my family.

Dad read the newspaper
and I would look at the
back page filled with

Mom liked to read comic

Her favorites were,
“Nancy and sluggo,”
“Henry” and “Scamp.”

I remember those rainy
days when my brothers
and sister would read
comics with Mom.

Memories that never
washed away.

I hope my memories of reading will encourage many to set aside time for reading as a family activity.

As a family, we did not spend every moment reading.

But, Mom set aside a few minutes a day for reading. Those moments allowed us to have an easier time at school.

Making time for reading in the present, will prepare our children’s future, with a past filled with the fond memories of family reading time.

A time of happiness that will be passed onto the next generations.

Everything you read on this blog can be used by yourself to share with your family.

They are not must do activities. They are suggestions.

I will keep copyright ownership for all my work and writings on this site.

I may want to write a book in the future and call it,
Maybe Later – Sometime

Use the writing ideas on this site to develop your own book. There is always room for another book to be read to our children, let it be yours.

For right now, thanks for reading my WordPress blog, titled The Brevity Bell.

  S E E     M O R E
   ❤️   ❤️   ❤️
  T A P    L I N K

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